Glad you asked. We are talented individuals with a common goal: helping you reach your goals. It is important for you to meet us, because we will be working together closely. Our clients view us as their in-house design team. Some communicate with us on a stream-of-consciousness basis, while others lay out highly structured marketing plans. Either way is fine with us. What we do is respond. This relationship is not only integral to the design process, but also allows us to create according to the needs and desires of the clients. Our mission and vision statement will tell you the details of our company but the root of it is this: we create branding and marketing materials that attract success. Yours and ours – it's the same thing.


Anastasia Tanis

Since founding Anastasia Design, Anastasia Tanis has given dozens of organizations more than they bargained for—in a very positive way. She brings to any table a unique, a powerful blend of skills and experience. Her clients, which range from international companies to local start-ups, reap the benefits. Anastasia has crafted ads that have appeared in publications worldwide, and she had led multi-national, multi-faceted marketing campaigns.

Prior positions Anastasia has held include everything from newspaper advertising manager to P.R. professional. She is also an avid networker: this keeps her finger on the pulse of trends in a wide variety of fields, and provides a huge pool of business contacts and vendors, which can be invaluable. Her selection of certain printers for specific jobs often saves clients enough money to pay for all of her firm’s strategic and creative work—to give but one example.

Anastasia has excellent listening skills; combined with her experience and resources, they give her a "top of the mountain" perspective on her clients’ challenges, as well as paths to success. She also has the energy and enthusiasm to turn creative visions into business realities. The excellence of her work is recognized not only by her clients, but also by the prestigious organizations that have given her numerous international awards.

Outside the office, Anastasia continuously refines her skills in karate. She also has a passion for travel: trips to countries around the world are a potent source of creative insight and inspiration.

Heather Weinberg
Senior Web & Print Designer

Heather has eight years of experience working in design between Boston and the West Coast. Originally from Ohio, she studied at the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Design. With a background in print, web, multimedia, and environmental graphic design, Heather utilizes a mixture of design interests to offer effective solutions to a variety of challenging projects. She is innovative and thorough in her work, taking personal pride and satisfaction in each piece she creates.


Emily Titcomb
Web & Print Designer

She is a creative typographer and designer. She studied Graphic Design and Photography at Northeastern University and University of Sydney in Australia. In addition, she is accomplished in a variety of fine art disciplines including printmaking, screen printing, and glass blowing. She has been involved with marketing, design and tradeshow projects at the national level. Emily dedicates all of her talent and experience to every project that she takes on. She develops inventive and aesthetic solutions that help our clients stand apart from the competition.


Kirk Etherton

Kirk has worked as full-time and freelance writer for over 15 years. During that time he has created works in virtually all media, for clients ranging from high-tech and hospitality to financial services and higher education. Print ad campaigns and other work for the Mass. Convention Center Authority won numerous international awards; a public health anti-smoking T.V. spot he wrote won an Emmy Award. Other accolades include a number of wins at the notoriously competitive New England Hatch Awards Show.

With a strong background in photography and alternative visual arts, Kirk’s concepts frequently don’t rely on words alone. Kirk is also know for generating a significant quantity of quality ideas: on many occasions, clients have been unable to choose a single print ad, radio or direct mail concept, and have instead allocated the resources to execute a number of their favorites. Kirk believes strongly that any assignment is an opportunity to do excellent, award-winning work.

Beyond the ad world, Kirk’s interests include songwriting, writing and performing standup comedy, and writing poetry (which may or may not be serious). He is also an award-winning playwright.

Off-site Creative Talent

Amanda Buttlar

Zack Allott

Brenda Preston

Dan Yaeger
Copy Writer

Bill Eidson


Mission Statement
The mission of Anastasia Design is to achieve excellence in graphic design and corporate communications.

By definition, this means creating powerful and craft-based art in any and all available mediums to express the message of the client to their audience. The corporate feel and the message is translated into a visual language which is presented in a clear, strong and memorable image.

Anastasia Design will help your company to define important goals, your target audience, and determine which materials will work best for each situation. Top

Vision Statement
Anastasia Design utilizes all the technological advances in graphic arts to their greatest extent. For us, the computer is an extension of our art, so we are committed to continually learn and expand our understanding of the available hardware and software.

At Anastasia Design we are teachers of the technology we use.

At Anastasia Design our designs are original artwork. As with all original artwork, we strive to make each piece timeless.

The key to our success is listening to our clients: only by being careful listeners can we be effective conveyors of our client's message. We at Anastasia Design are dedicated to the artistry of our trade.

Our profession is based on providing our clients with visual images, – printed or electronic – that convey their intended message in the most memorable way.

In order to accomplish this task, Anastasia Design never loses sight of the following ideals:
Graphic design and corporate communication is an art form. All of the members of Anastasia Design are disciples of art - This includes art history, composition, typography, color theory and the mechanics of publishing and printing.

Integrity is paramount to our existence. We are charged with choosing the best vendors, production companies and solutions for our clients.

Anastasia Design believes that as your design and corporate communications provider we are an extension of your company. We want our clients to feel as if we were their in-house corporate communications department.

All of our clients will be satisfied with the solutions Anastasia Design provides. Top

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