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Harvard University Police Department "Playing it Safe" Catalog

The Harvard University Police Department produces a safety catalogue every year called "Playing it Safe" that is distributed to every person on campus. It is filled with valuable information about safety, crime prevention and emergency procedures.

The HUPD found that the previous booklet was, although filled with important facts, was not engaging or user-friendly. Anastasia Design was hired. Our goal was to create a booklet that would be noticed, read and kept on hand throughout the year. We wanted to portray the campus police as a friendly resource, and encourage the students to become involved in their own safety. We accomplished this by using bright, large, positive images of the police and students interacting. Also, making the book smaller (7" x 9") gave it a comfortable 'handbook' feel.

We exceeded all expectations and saved the HUPD money in the process. The old format was a 20-page, one-color, no photos. This new version, which received accolades all over campus, was 40 pages, full-color, with professional photos, and upgraded paper. Incredibly, it was also $1,500 less expensive – even factoring in our design cost. We are now working on our 4th annual version of this catalogue.

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