What exactly is Creative Marketing Advising?

It’s not one thing, exactly. Which is precisely what makes it so powerful. The ultimate goal is increasing revenues. And I’ve found that there isn’t just one single, set path for reaching that goal – you have to combine wisdom and experience with creative thinking.

Anastasia Design is a highly-respected branding firm with 15 years of creating campaigns for companies around the globe. We have plenty of awards on the wall. Increasingly, I find the most rewarding experiences come from sitting down with a client. Asking the right questions. Bringing strategic new thinking to the table. Figuring out the all-important “next steps” that get companies off and running.

Companies need to make every dollar count. So we have to get out of ruts and into grooves. Take a little time. See where we really want the business to go. Decide on the best ways to get there. What makes your business tick? What would make it tick louder?

Solving business problems is a hurdle I never get tired of clearing. Each solution is different. A plan that you and I create together. Above all, this work is tremendous fun.

You hire me to meet with you for a day. You realize that an impartial, informed, enthusiastic analysis and brainstorming session could make a tremendous impact on people and revenues.

Regardless of the position you’re in, I look forward to helping you improve it.
Give us a call at 617.262.1515. Light bulbs are standing by.

“I have a law practice in Needham. In an afternoon, Anastasia was able to understand my practice, and give me concrete suggestions on marketing, improving the image of my law office, creating a web site, generating more business, and, in general, having more fun. I would recommend her to anyone who runs a business and is looking for creative business and marketing advice.”
   Robert T. Smart, Jr.
   Law Office of Robert T. Smart, Jr.

"I really enjoyed our creative marketing session. Your creative energy and focus was extremely helpful not only to create the look and feel of my business, but also to help me gain clarity about what brings me joy and that created a lot of excitement. Thank you so much for getting me more focused. I enjoyed your style and personality. You made the whole process so much fun. I would be glad to refer you to anyone in need of creative marketing."
   Laurie Mandato
   Wardrobe & Style Consultant
   Imaging Joy


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