When I go to an event people always ask me "What IS Graphic Design?" It's a code word really. We are a graphic design firm and yet you can't simply buy a ‘graphic design.’ It's is a process. Interesting. Graphic design is really a means of making a vivid, visual impression to relay a concept. Where do we make this impression? Most people would say on a brochure or on a web site - but I would say the impression is actually made on the mind of the potential customer. HOW do you do that? That's where our expertise comes in: deciding upon the essential concept to impress, what it should look like and through which of the means listed below. Ultimately it is the impression you are hiring us for.

HOW do we come up with the key message? We work together with you in a one-day Creative Marketing session. The most economical way to create any design piece is to be laser-focused on the message to be conveyed and the desired response. The way to increase revenue overall is to be clear on the positioning and key messaging of the company and each of the materials. Historically we create DOUBLE the desired response. Schedule one of our one-day sessions and watch our strategy work magic on your campaign.

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