"As we searched for a web designer, there was no other company that compared to the professionalism, quality, passion, and desire to please a customer then Anastasia Design. We had seven different individuals working on our web project all of whom had different ideas of what was right. Anastasia had the ability to listen and truly understand our needs. She asked insightful questions to understand our requirements correctly, and get to the heart of what was important to all involved.

Anastasia approached designing our web site with creativity, an open mind and with an enthusiasm for ideas which was a breath of fresh mountain air. We found Anastasia Design to be extremely helpful in the creation of our website, but also reliable and fast. I look forward to referring others to you for their web development needs."
  Peter Donohue
  Commerce Bank

"The portfolios and company information materials are the first impression of many prospective clients. The collaboration between our company and Anastasia's incredible vision and talent, created the professional distinctive design that BRW is known for. The end results speak for themselves; therefore we have continued our business relationship with her for many years.

It is always a pleasure working with Anastasia. Her knowledgeability of the latest technology enhances the look and feel of our portfolio. Her work is nothing short of expert, exceptional quality and superb design. I recommend Anastasia Design above all the rest."
  Robert Weintraub
  Boston Realty Works

"Meeting went pretty well, lots of discussion (there were 7 people at an
informal dinner meeting). They had lots of good comments on style, sequence
etc. One of the VC commented that this was the best quality pitch package
he'd ever seen. Then he invited me to come talk to his group. Who knows,
maybe that will lead somewhere? Anyway the graphics looked very good. Thanks
for the help."
  A High-Tech Start-Up Company
  (confidential identity)

"Everybody, Everybody, Everybody LOVES my card! When they look at it they say WOW!"
  Sal D’Antona
  Salvatore Painting

"You really LISTEN to what I wanted - and elevated it to another level."
  Jacqui Senn
  Jacqui Senn’s Cookies

"As a creative TV production company, our logo and materials HAD to be original and eye-catching. And Anastasia Design delivered that and MORE! I especially appreciate the collaborative process the designers took. They transformed our company logo into a work of art.... that has opened eyes, wallets and refreshed our brand."
  Alan C. Grazioso
  Grazioso Pictures, Inc.

"It was your first time working with law enforcement and law enforcement inside a university, which is even more distinct and specialized. I felt comfortable and impressed that you picked up on what we were trying to accomplish and the obstacles that we needed to overcome."

"I’m in a business of asking questions – and you asked all the right questions."

"You asked insightful questions, listened to my opinions, came back with ideas, knew when to agree and disagree, were able to give and take - in an positive, productive way. You were not tied to your own ideas and knew what was best for me, creating great results."
  Steven Catalano
  Harvard University Police Department

"I’m 65 years old and I have been all around the world and in business for a long time. I have probably known 100,000 people and you are different than all of them. You think differently. The world would be a better place if there were more of you. Consider cloning."
  Michael Bellanger
  Jarg Corporation, Inc.
  and Founder of the 128 Venture Capitol Group

"It was a pleasure working with you and I very much appreciate the extra time and effort you put into exploring the many versions of this logo. Thank you once again."
  Eric J. Jacunski
  National Leisure Group, Inc.

"Thank you for your quick turnaround time. You do great work under pressure! (and in a ‘relaxed’ state)."
  Christine Rodriguez
  The Boston Land Company

"Upon presentation of round one concepts I thought, "Wow, you were really at the first meeting."
  Barbara Sennett
  ESI Enterprises, Inc.

"Thank you very much for the fine job on the redesign of the CIPNE Journal and the production of the first issue of the new design. It looks fantastic and we have received much encouraging feedback."
  Jim Spirakis
  CIPNE Journal
  and Jim Spirakis Photography

"If I was the kind of guy that believed in angels, I would say that’s what you and Stephanie are – two angels sent down from the heavens to do good deeds on earth disguised as graphic designers. Thank you for making this year’s Allston Brighton Ethnic Festival on of the best ever."
  Jason Whittet
  The Allston Brighton Community Development Corporation

"This book comes disguised as a lovely little gift package. The cover is clever, pretty and eye-catching."
  Exerp from Writer’s Digest Award –
  Certificate of Merit for the best 2001 Self-Published Book Award
  for The Great Little Book Of Afformations by Noah St. John

"You are truly amazing! The brochures are incredible! Thanks. Again, I have received so many compliments on how good and professional my marketing is!"
  Annie Fisher
  The Lobsterman Triathlon

"I L-O-V-E all three book cover designs."
  Chip Ashby
  "Stop Selling"

"Very, very nice work. Congratulations on a fantastic job."
  Judy Goodman
  Judy Goodman.com

"Of all the cards, yours was the best. Kudos!"
  Leo Rice
  Christopher Thomas




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