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Having an accurate web site is truly cash in your pocket. There is no other way to say it. Web sites work so hard for you and have an amazing return on your investment into them.

We have created many sites and each one is as unique as the company it represents. The look of each site is completely original and the functionality of the site is determined through our analysis of the client's needs and challenges.

The term 'web designer' is broad and misunderstood. Web design is made up of design and code. Often a web designer is one or the other and the resulting sites are lopsided one way or the other. I'm sure you have been to sites that are very functional but not intuitive or appealing giving you a shifty feeling about the company. And I'm sure you have been to sites that are all glam with a flash intro and you can't find a darn thing.

At Anastasia Design we combine both these disciplines, design and coding, under one roof to create web sites that are beautiful, professional, simple, intuitive, functional and effective.

On the design side, we use the well-founded principles of graphic design to create a look that is a professional and attractive conveyor of your messaging. This creates an environment in which the viewer is comfortable, impressed, oriented and receptive.

On the technical side, some of the site features we have created are: 360° Virtual Tours, Databases, Tenant Request systems, Building Sign-In systems, Interactive maps, Flash animation's, live web cams, ....

Our philosophy and our web sites are very simple. You will never get lost on one of our sites. You will find the information you are looking for. We use flash only if it communicates a key message more effectively than not having it. We determine the need for the site and how the site will fulfill the needs of the user. We create a professional, inviting experience for the user that will reinforce the solidity of the company represented and encourage the exchange of information for the decision to purchase.

Please enjoy a looking through some of our web sites. We look forward to creating a web site for your company. Consider the potential customers that are waiting for you.

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